Thursday, June 25, 2009

Scientists Take a Trip to the Creation Museum

The Cincinnati Enquirer has a story on a junket to the Creation Museum by a group of 80 palaeontogists. The story, by Cliff Peale notes:
For the 80 paleontologists, taking a break from their convention at the University of Cincinnati to tour the museum, some were skeptical, some were amused, some were offended.

But they all seemed interested to see the museum, built to tell a Creationist view of the origins of man and to rebut the theory of evolution that many of the scientists hold dear.

“I think it’s a very professional outfit and they put on a good show,” said Jason Rosenhouse, a math professor at James Madison University in Harrisonburg, Va., and manager of a blog on evolution. “If you can sort of suspend disbelief, you can see why people get caught up in it.

“I hate the fact that this exists,” he added. “But given that it exists, I can see why people would find it compelling.”

Its all in the presentation. According to all accounts, the museum is very well presented. Too bad its all wrong.

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