Monday, July 13, 2009

Steve Martin Has a Follow-up Post on the ESE

Steve Martin has a follow-up post on the Evangelical Statement of Evolution. He has some very good points that those of us that profess to be Christians need to take to heart. I posted a comment that says, in part:
Your statements in this post made me go back over my own blog to see where I acted in an un-Christian manner and found more examples than I care to acknowledge.
It is easy to get lost in our own animus and wondering why the other guy is too mule-headed to see what's right in front of his nose. This doesn't help. If we are Christians first, and then scientists, we have a better chance of reaching out to the Christian community as a whole. Having said this, I know good and well that if we reach out our hand, it will get slapped by some out there. Groups like the ICR and AIG will not treat and continue to say we have compromised our faith. That cannot be helped. It is John and Jane Q Christian that I think that the ESE is meant for. I think it is also meant for the average scientist who wonders how people can be Christians and be scientists at the same time. "Sit on down. Let me tell you."

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