Monday, July 13, 2009

Texas Curveball

Governor Rick Perry has decided to forgo the appointment of Cynthia Dunbar and, instead, appoint a newspaper publisher Gail Lowe to lead the board. The story by Shirley Jinkins in the Star-Telegram, states that Low has been described as a conservative Republican, but not in the outspoken way that McLeroy and Dunbar have been. The article notes:

"The announcement took me by surprise," Lowe said Friday from the offices of the Lampasas Dispatch-Record, a twice-weekly newspaper that she and her husband own and operate.

She learned of her appointment when a reporter from another newspaper called for comment.

"It’s not something I pursued," said Lowe, who said she had been asked to apply for the position last week by the governor’s appointment office.

The board is scheduled to meet next week, and an announcement from the governor was expected before Tuesday, the first day of the four-day meeting.

Interestingly, at no point in the article is the word "evolution" or the concept mentioned. A hopeful sign?
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  1. Not likely. She votes with the anti-evolution block but is just not as vocal. Also see this editorial by William Murchison that she published in her Lampasas Dispatch Record earlier this year.

  2. HornSpiel, do you have the exact link for that editorial? I went to the site and it told me that I couldn't have access to the story for two weeks. When I searched the site for her name, nothing came up.

  3. The editorial is not by her but she published it.
    Funny the editorial link above works for me. Here is the URL