Monday, June 28, 2010

Creationism in Australia: An Update

The Australian has an article on the teaching of creationism in New South Wales. According to the story:
STUDENTS at one NSW school were told by an untrained scripture teacher they would "burn in hell" if they didn't believe in Jesus

And, elsewhere in the state, children at other schools were given creationism showbags. A survey by Sydney's Macquarie University also found 70 per cent of scripture teachers think children should be taught the Bible as historical fact and 80 per cent believe students should not be exposed to non-Christian beliefs.

The survey found a group of scripture volunteers were distributing kits called "Creation For Kids" containing colouring books, calendars and DVDs deriding evolution and claiming that the universe was only 6000 years old.
There is no link to the survey so it is not clear just exactly what questions were asked, nor is it clear what kind of sample was used. It is sad that these groups seem bound and determined to link their Gospel message with creationism. That is sort of like a practicing dentist admitting he believes in the tooth fairy. The credibility goes out the window and the entire message is lost.

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