Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Rheta Grimsley Johnson on the Creation Museum

Rheta Grimsley Johnson, who used to write for the Knoxville News Sentinel, has a piece for on the Creation Museum. She writes:
In the beginning, the earth around Petersburg in Kentucky was without form, and void, only a scrap yard and a few filling stations and the Cincinnati airport; and Australian Ken Ham said, "Let there be a 70,000-square-foot Creation Museum" that refutes proven science, conventional history, philosophy and most religions.

And Ken Ham saw that curious folks, millions of them, were willing to pay up to $22 apiece for a contortionist head trip that explains how the earth is only 6,000 years old, and that was good.
Refutes? Not hardly. She's right about the curious folks, though. The article is largely tongue in cheek, while at the same time, pointing out the absurdities and hypocrasies present in the museum, itself, such as staying open on Sunday until 6, and charging 22 dollars a ticket, which is quite a bit more than most museums that I know charge. It is one of the principle reasons that I have not darkened their doors. I simply am not willing to pay that much to support the AIG ministry. She continues:
Adam's progeny were so wicked, in fact, that God flooded the Earth around 2348 B.C., when Noah was that middle-age crazy age of 600. The waters covered the Earth and killed things, which, of course, were buried in mud and created lots of fossils.

"I never heard this before in school," a pretend boy says in a cartoon balloon. Imagine.

Well, Johnny, there is a good reason you have never heard of it in school. Carol Hill puts it succintly:
No geologic evidence whatsoever exists for a universal flood, flood geology, or the canopy theory. Modern geologists, hydrologists, paleontologists, and geophysicists know exactly how the different types of sedimentary rock form, how fossils form and what they represent, and how fast the continents are moving apart (their rates can be measured by satellite). They also know how flood deposits form and the geomorphic consequences of flooding.
That the evidence for this has been around for over a hundred years is irrelevant to Ham, who is ideologically bound to push the bogus science of flood geology.
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