Friday, June 04, 2010

More Trouble for John Freshwater

The lawyer for John Freshwater, the Ohio teacher accused of teaching creationism in class and branding a student with a cross, has come under fire from the judge in the case. Dean Narcisco of the Columbus Dispatch writes:
R. Kelly Hamilton had told Judge Gregory L. Frost that he threw away a computer holding some of the information sought when pipes burst at his office, according to the federal order.

Hamilton also failed to provide billing records related to affidavits prepared for Freshwater's administrative hearing. That hearing, to help determine whether Freshwater will keep his public teaching job, is expected to end Tuesday.

The order indicates Frost's irritation at Hamilton's behavior."Then Hamilton, again the victim of a notable lack of luck, failed to appear at the hearing to explain himself because he suffered not one but two flat tires on the drive to the courthouse," wrote Frost in the order of sanctions released this week.
Hope the case, itself, goes better for him.

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  1. Hope the case, itself, goes better for him.

    It can't. He is off the federal case, replaced by two new lawyers retained by the insurance company. He cannot now participate in Freshwater's defense in the courtroom.

  2. Actually, I meant Freshwater, but I didn't elucidate that very well.