Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Creation Museum - Three Years In

Dennis O'Conner over at HuffPo has a report on Ken Ham's Creation Museum in Kentucky and its three-year anniversary. He writes:
Ham, who was instrumental in the startup of the museum's sponsoring organization, Answers in Genesis, said that despite the economic recession, families, individuals, church groups and even bus tours continue to pour into the Creation Museum, often spending a couple of days in the region to sample other attractions in the Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky market.

"The recession has not in any way affected us," Ham said. "Many people who were going to come here were going to make this their destination anyway. Add to that people who decided instead of taking an expensive vacation in Florida, they wanted to either stay in this area or make the trip here. Either way, the museum has really helped the local economy more than people may realize."

Tom Caradonio, president of the Northern Kentucky Convention and Visitors Bureau, said that one of the Creation Museum's greatest strengths is the interest and support it has garnered from evangelicals, a large demographic group.
I was sitting in Rob Zimmer's office the other day and he remarked that, while the built-in audience of evangelicals will come out of the museum with their views reinforced and with renewed enthusiasm for anti-evolutionism, others who visit will look around and say "You have got to be kidding me. These people think that????" They will then laugh and walk out the door, perhaps never to darken the door of a church again. That, to me is what is so scary about the Creation Museum.

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