Saturday, September 04, 2010

The Discovery Channel Incident: The Real Culprit

As if on cue, Classical Values points us to another culprit for the motives of the gunman at the Discovery Channel: Al Gore. Eric writes:

In the wake of the psychotic environmentalist gunman who took hostages at the Discovery Channel, a lot of people are wondering what it is with Al Gore and his vast power to do what the left so loves to accuse Rush Limbaugh of doing?

As Glenn puts it sarcastically in his roundup,

"Won't Al Gore please stop it with his extremist, eliminationist rhetoric before he inspires still more violence?"
It's painfully obvious that there's a double standard where it comes to eliminationist rhetoric.
It is certainly as possible that Al Gore is responsible for this behavior as Charles Darwin.The point is that you can fit just about any ideology into the manifesto that the gunman wrote. It makes Klinghoffer's argument all the more ridiculous.

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