Wednesday, September 08, 2010

The Perils of "Darwinian" Indoctrination

Christian NewsWire has a story about the efforts of a filmmaker to show the negative effects of "Darwinism" on the school students of today. Joaquin Fernandez writes:
Colin Gunn's school bus tour of America arrives at the Creation Museum today, shooting footage for the upcoming film, 'Indoctrination: Public Schools and the Decline of Christianity in America'. Gunn will interview biblical apologist, Ken Ham, about the effects of Darwinism on Christian youth.

As founder of Answers in Genesis and the Creation Museum, Ken Ham will share insights from his book 'Already Gone' -- a book which explains why many young people are leaving the church. Research shows that youth are leaving Christian churches in droves, due largely to the failure of Christians to adequately answer the Darwinian propaganda taught in public schools.
Really?? What research is that? I have never seen such research. There certainly is research showing that young people are leaving the church but that has largely been in the context of the church not being relevant. I would counter (also without data, mind you) that it is just as likely that young people are leaving the church because they are finding out that the church they grew up in propounds the belief in something that modern science doesn't support in the least. Fernandez continues:
Gunn believes Darwinian evolution is a key element of government school indoctrination because it conditions students to accept popular ideas promoted by a morally bankrupt culture -- a culture which has embraced Darwinian assumptions.

Gunn considers it ironic that over 80% of Christians send their children to a school system that undermines their values. He says, "There is no neutrality in education. All education is intrinsically religious. It's no victory if we just get creation taught alongside evolution. What we need is Christian education in every subject."
The problem with this argument is that those who promote it have a very poor understanding of the moral bankruptcy that literally pervaded Israel and Judah during the reigns of the kings. If the evil that was present during the reign of the kings is the same kind of evil that is present today, then evolution cannot be the cause of it because evolutionary theory is less than 200 years old. This is a standard creationist tactic using the logical fallacy of false cause. This was first promulgated early in the 20th century and had, as its most ardent supporter, Henry Morris.

The other problem here is, of course, that once again, acceptance of evolution is pitted against belief in God, which makes the mistake of elevating evolution to a first cause, which is biologically nonsensical and conflates theological goals with scientific ones. Whether or not finches in the Galapagos Islands are separate species or not makes no difference to my walk with God. By confusing the issues like this, those that do not understand or support evolution can remove it from the scientific realm and force people to make the choice between God and evolution, a choice that is not logical. More nonsense from well-meaning Christians.
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