Monday, May 25, 2009

American Humanists to Gather

The American Humanist Convention is being held at Tempe, Arizona in early June to celebrate the right to not believe in a higher being. Of course, front and center are PZ Meyers, Donald Johanson and Barbara Forrest. Meyers is an evolutionary biologist and runs the Pharyngula blog. Johanson is the discovery of the Lucy fossil in 1973 and Barbara Forrest was one of the key witnesses for the prosecution at the Dover trial in 2005. Yet another example of "godless evolution" making the newspapers. The creationists will have a field day.


  1. Any excuse to paint as stark a contrast as possible hunh? I guess it makes for good theater even if it simplifies to the point of absurdity.

  2. Clarence Menninga, Howard Van Till and Davis Young wrote a fantastic book in 1988 called Science Held Hostage which explores the perils of using science to support either a theistic position or an atheistic position. Their conclusion: just let science be science. It is available on Amazon and I think every Christian ought to read it.