Friday, May 29, 2009

McLeroy is Out

Terrence Stutz of the Dallas Morning News is reporting that Don McLeroy, the head of the Texas State Board of Education has failed to pass his confirmation hearing:
Along strict party lines, the Senate voted 19-11 for McLeroy, but a two-thirds majority was required. One Democrat abstained from the vote.

Several Democrats cited the recurring divisiveness on the board with McLeroy at the helm, along with his resistance to the views of educators and education experts on curriculum and other matters.

GOP senators rejected the criticism and accused the Democrats of holding an "inquisition" against the College Station Republican for holding views shared by many Texans – including a Bible-based explanation for the origin of humans.

No, actually, the Democrats were trying to keep Texas from looking like more of a laughing stock than it already has become on this issue. As to the last statement: if many Texans thought that the earth was flat, should that be taught in Texas public schools? Oh, and I also happen to have a "Bible-based" explanation for the origin of humans. It just isn't Dr. McLeroy's "Bible-based" explanation.

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