Friday, May 01, 2009

Holdren: Texas standards a "Step Backward"

As reported on the NCSE's page, John Holdren, Barack Obama's chief science advisor, when asked about the Texas Board of Education's ruling on the science standards, had this to say:
"Well, I have not reviewed that decision carefully. But my impression from reading about it is that it was not a step forward but rather a step backward. Of course, all science needs to be skeptical. It's hard to be against skepticism. But when you get into the domain of promoting particular views about the basis for skepticism of evolution, and those views are not really valid, then I think we have a problem. I think we need to be giving our kids a modern education in biology, and the underpinning of modern biology is evolution. And countervailing views that are not really science, if they are taught at all, should be taught in some other part of the curriculum."
Texas must do something about McLeroy soon.

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