Thursday, May 21, 2009

More on "Ida"

The Independent has an article by Steve Connor on why Ida is so interesting to palaeoanthropologists. Written in the form of a FAQ, the article is very informative. His conclusion is very succinct:
Are the claims for Ida's significance overstated?


* She is not the missing link but one of many links in the long chain of Man's descent.

* The publicity statements were hyped to make her appear more special than she is.

* She was not on the direct line of descent that led to Homo sapiens but a side branch.


* It is the first time such a well-preserved primate fossil has been revealed.

* Her features clearly show the transition from lemur-like animal to ape-like primate.

* It is remarkable that such an old and important fossil has survived so well.

Remember, the article is free at PLoS and can be accessed at Neat stuff!

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