Monday, February 14, 2011

Armageddon Halted...For Now

According to Wired, the attempts to drill into Lake Vostok, the lake that is buried under 2.2 miles of ice in Antarctica has halted for now because of bad weather. Wired provides a nifty graphic of what is being attempted.

Liat Clark writes:
The team — headed up by the Russian Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute in St. Petersburg — had to call off work just 29 meters [95-foot] short of the end goal because the Antarctic winter is fast closing in. News that they plan to fill the 3,749-meter [12,300-foot] borehole with kerosene to prevent it from freezing will further trouble groups who fear continued research will contaminate the lake.
Yup, God only knows what drilling into that would release.

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  1. Irenicum, you have to remember, this is the same group that tried to reverse the course of five major rivers before someone informed them it was a really, really bad idea.