Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Theology Degrees Online: The Top 12 Creationist Blogs

Reader Tim pointed me toward a good page on the Theology Degrees Online site that lists the top creationist blogs. I would disagree with the equation of ID with creationism, since ID is only one form of creationism, but it is a very instructive list and would serve as a good starting point for a class on religion and science.

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  1. "I would disagree with the equation of ID with creationism, since ID is only one form of creationism"

    The professional liars of the Discovery Institute probably love you because you seem to agree with their propaganda.

    The truth is magical intelligent design creationism is identical to magical bible creationism. The only difference is the magical intelligent design creationists don't thump their Bible when they are busy trying to destroy America's science education.

    You should ask the Discovery Institute for a job. I hear that lying for the dead Jeebus is very lucrative.

    One more thing. You're an evolutionary biologist but you pollute biology with the disgusting worthless word "theistic". Do you think magic is a mechanism of evolution? Do you think your fairy invented evolution? I'm just wondering what your problem is.

    Of course since you're a professional biologist your knowledge of evolution is many times greater than mine, but I don't think that's a good excuse for polluting biology with your idiotic theistic bullstuff.

    I also noticed your blog is about "the creation/evolution/ID controversy." Again, the Discovery Institute liars must love you because they are constantly promoting the myth that there's some controversy in the scientific community about the basic facts of evolution. You really should ask them for a job. Lying for Jeebus has got to be a lot easier than getting a real job.

  2. Human ape:

    Wow. Got some anger issues there, dude?

    How would I distinguish your rant from that of a troll?

  3. Jim,

    I have come across this "Human Ape" character before. To put it mildly, he needs a big donation of wipes to get the foam of his face. Do not take the fellow seriously, he has some serious issues...

  4. Thanks, Singular. I thought about deleting it but then thought that maybe people need to see what a troll really looks like.