Thursday, February 10, 2011

NPR on the State of Science Education

NPR has, on its blog, a post lamenting the recent findings that many high school biology teachers are not adhering to the established curriculum of teaching evolution. In a post titled “Speaking in Defense of Science,” Marcelo Gleiser writes:
Now, many will say that they are not anti-science per se, just against the science that clashes with their religious beliefs. So, antibiotics are fine, but the theory of evolution is not. If only they'd take the time to learn about how antibiotics work and about how over-prescribing can result in germ mutations that render some antibiotics ineffective. It's is a real-time illustration of the theory of evolution at work.
It is one of so many examples of how evolution works in our lives. I just finished up a CFSI post that delves into the evidence from pseudogenes and ERVs that is dang near impossible to explain using an ID or YEC framework. If we live in a God-created universe that works on principles established by Him billions of years ago and that behaves in an orderly, knowable fashion, then what we know is that science is real.

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