Wednesday, February 23, 2011


The trailer for the new film on the Scopes trial called “Alleged” is out. This is not a backwoods production—it has Brian Dennehy, Fred Thompson and Colm Meaney. It bills itself as

a romantic drama based on events occurring behind the scenes and outside the courtroom of the famous Scopes “Monkey Trial” of 1925

and the trailer is pretty ambiguous in terms of a position statement but it does deal with lawyerly prevarication and media bias at some level. Fred Thompson is a staunch conservative so it is not likely that he would lend himself to a project that makes William Jennings Bryan look like a fool, which is what Inherit the Wind kind of did with Fredric March. The tag line is “Some Lies Just Have to be Told.” Here is the trailer:

I missed “Creation” and will not Netflix it yet until we get away from the controversy being such a hot topic at the Kidder household. I will try to see this when it comes out. Here is the web site for the movie.

Hat tip to Todd Wood.

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  1. Jim,
    You're right. According to AiG, the producer's goals were "showing how Darwinian beliefs can be used for nefarious purposes ... and revealing how the major media delivered a distorted view of the trial in its attempt to attack biblical Christianity."

    It seems Thompson is making something of a second career starring in creationist movies. I just finished blogging through the science in the movie "The Genesis Code", which was released last week and also stars Thompson.

  2. Seems odd that big hollywood would bankroll such a film, though. I hope it is not like “Expelled.”

  3. I missed “Creation” and will not Netflix it yet until we get away from the controversy being such a hot topic at the Kidder household.

    I thought your wife was comfortable with your evolutionary creationist views.

  4. AMW, We were put smack in the middle of things again recently when it was discovered that the home school curriculum that we are using, Classical Conversations, was going to tackle the creation question with their already preselected “right answer” and Melanie does not want to be wedged in between what the school wanted to teach and what she knew to be correct, so it made for some tensions. As it turns out, we are jettisoning the curriculum anyway so it will probably die down.

  5. Interesting. My kids are currently going through CC. At what age does the issue come up? At my house it will likely be touchier, because my wife isn't really on board with Evolution.

    I'm already uncomfortable that the CC time-line weaves human history around the Genesis narrative. But I figure that's more or less harmless at this point. And they seem to be learning an awful lot of solid material as well.

  6. My son Marcus is going into sixth grade this fall and the was ready to be in the “Challenge” section. I believe it was in this section that the entire topic is the age of the earth/evolution debate. That is what was making my wife rattled. There wasn't any way around that—it is a nation-wide curriculum. Everybody everywhere in Challenge would be doing this curriculum and she saw no way around it.

    As it is, we are not doing CC next year so the problem became academic, as they say.

  7. Anonymous7:31 PM

    Can you tell me wh at the preselected "right answer" that Classical Conversations teaches is? And why do you think this?
    Interested hs'ing parent,

  8. Denise, they use the book "It Couldn't just happen," which is a book after the heart of "Of Pandas and People." That book is a masterpiece of shoddy science, bad assumptions and smoke and mirrors. They come down somewhere in between young earth creationism, which they are not explicit about and intelligent design, which they are. I made a point of not reading the book while Marcus was taking the class but now that he is finished, I will probably write a review of it of sorts. I did this with "Of Pandas and People." (