Thursday, July 24, 2008

Creationism in Iowa...Again

A community college professor has won a $20 000 wrongful termination settlement against Southwestern Community College in Creston because he was fired after he told students that they ought not to take the biblical story of Adam and Eve literally. According to the story:

Bitterman said college officials fired him over the phone and told him it was for teaching religion instead of history. He argued that academic freedom should have outweighed religious concerns.

"What was for him a purely objective, academic exercise in studying the religious beliefs of different Western civilizations became a group of fundamentalist students taking exception when it came time for their God to be put under the microscope," Bitterman's attorney, Brad Schroeder, said earlier this week.

I would have asked for more money than that. That is just plain silly. You don't fire someone for that. You might talk to them about students' sensibilities—maybe, but any more than that is excessive.

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