Friday, July 25, 2008

A New Complete Dinosaur Skeleton

A new dinosaur skeleton has been described from the Gobi Desert in China. It is a juvenile Tarbosaurus from the Cretaceous. As the story notes:

Poor Tarbosaurus. Even though it was a top predator during the Cretaceous most people have never heard about it, the theropod from Asia being a poor man's Tyrannosaurus. (Some people think that Tarbosaurus = Tyrannosaurus, but I side with those who hold that they are distinct.) Still, even though it is not as famous as it's North American cousin it is still pretty cool that the recovery of a nearly complete skeleton of a juvenile Tarbosaurus has just been announced. Discovered two years ago in the Gobi Desert the fossils have now been prepped, revealing a young dinosaur only about 7 feet long.

Another piece of the puzzle. Yay.

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