Wednesday, July 16, 2008

How'd I Miss This??

It seems that the government made good on its threat to imprison Dr. Dino, Kent Hovind. Back in late 2006, no less. Here is the story. Hat tip to Gordon Glover. Here is the nuts and bolts:

  • The Hovinds were charged with a total of 58 counts of tax evasion.
  • Counts one through 12 include Kent Hovind’s alleged failure to collect nearly $470,000 in employee taxes.
  • Counts 13 through 57 include both Kent and Jo Hovind. They are charged with structuring cash transactions of $430,500 to avoid reporting requirements.
  • Count 58 includes the following charges against Kent Hovind:
    • Filing a frivolous lawsuit against the IRS,
    • demanding damages for criminal trespass.
    • Filing an injunction against an IRS agent.
    • Making threats against investigators and those cooperating with the investigation.
    • Filing false complaints against the IRS for false arrest, excessive use of force and theft.

He was found guilty on all counts and sentenced to ten years in the pen. Kent Hovind, if you will recall is the one who offered $250 000 to anyone who could prove that evolution was true. Here is the original (now out-of-date) TalkOrigins article detailing the challenge and information about Kent Hovind, himself.

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