Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Science Education and The Supreme Court

Josh Rosenau out at Thoughts from Kansas has an entry in which he wonders if a McCain presidency would have an impact on science education. He writes:

In 1987, the Court voted 7-2 to strike down the law. Scalia and Rehnquist voted to uphold the law. Since then, Rehnquist was replaced by Roberts (a wash), and the court gained conservative Justices Alito and Thomas (who is more conservative even than Scalia). Justice Kennedy, who voted against the Louisiana Bill, is now the crucial swing vote on the Court, and shows a disturbing tendency to waffle on key issues. Assuming he remains firm in his anti-creationism, though, we now have a 5-4 court if the same law were presented. A single McCain judge could overturn Edwards v. Aguillard.

I am still somewhat of the opinion that we should allow creationism to be taught in the public schools in science class. It would expose it for the fraud that it is. The theological backlash would be devastating, however. The other problem that I have is that I have never been a one-issue voter and don't have any plans to support Barack Obama because his viewpoints are way too liberal for my liking. I will take my chances with McCain.

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