Wednesday, July 16, 2008

News From Texas and a Startling Revelation

Janet Phelps of The Bryan College Station Eagle, writes that teachers are agitated about the new legislation paralleling that in Louisiana. Along the way, this little bit of information is passed:

The State Board of Education is to meet this week to discuss revising the science curriculum. Whether to teach the "strengths and weaknesses" of scientific theories has been a topic of debate for months.

Opponents call the phrase an underhanded way for creationists to cast doubt on evolution.

Don McLeroy, a creationist and the chairman of the state board, said he would make it a priority to keep the phrase in the state science curriculum.

"It was written for evolution, and everybody admits that," he said. "They say we're trying to put in creationism. We're not. To me, this whole evolution controversy is a distraction." (emphasis added)

How can it be a distraction if you have specifically singled it out among all of the science disciplines???? The whole point of the legislation is to allow for the teaching of something other than evolution. It isn't a distraction. It's the main point. Calling it a distraction is a smokescreen and is flat-out dishonest.

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  1. The State Board of Education should consider adding The Quest for Right to their science curriculum. The 7-book series based on physical science levels the playing field between those who seek the truth and those who promote Darwinism.