Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Church and State Battles

There is an article in High Beam Encyclopedia with anecdotes about people fighting church-state battles (listed "bottles" in the title). There are some that deal with ID. Not a shining day

* Academic Integrity--Bryan and Christie Rehm: The Rehms were among several residents of Dover, Pa., who challenged the teaching of "intelligent design" (ID) in public schools. They served as plaintiffs in a landmark lawsuit, brought by Ameri cans United and its allies, that found the teaching of ID, the latest variant of creationism, unconstitutional.

"There was a slow and gradual change that occurred on the school board over a number of years," Bryan Rehm said. "People got in for issues other than science curriculum, and then they had their final wave. They started telling teachers, first in the Science Department, 'You will rewrite the biology curriculum, and we want creationism in it.' And then they went from all-out creationism replacing evolution to 50-50. The Science Department fought this over two years internally before it went public."

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