Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Doug Hayworth On Science Education in a Home School Environment

Over at An Evangelical Dialogue on Evolution, Doug Hayworth has a guest post on teaching children in a homeschool environment. That is what we are doing with our kids now and it will be a challenge in the coming years. He hits the nail on the head here:

In summary, good curricula and resources for teaching middle and high school science at home are scarce to nonexistent. Although there are some good supplementary books and study guides about creation-evolution issues that have been published recently (e.g., Origins by Deb and Loren Haarsma), these are high school level materials and are not integrated topically with an ordinary sequence of science topics. These also do not address some of the other science-theology issues, including those to relating to the practice of medicine. (A good world literature and history-based curriculum that covers the spectrum of Christian responses to medical advances is helpful here. By the way, this is the strength of the Sonlight Curriculum my wife uses for our children.)

That has been my experience as well. Most publishers don't even consider the idea of publishing a curriculum that does not follow the YEC model. Some just do it less blatantly. It is clear that there are quite a few people out there struggling with this question.

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