Monday, June 09, 2008

Meanwhile, Over in Alabama...

A scientist/educator by the name of Albert Gapud, who is a condensed matter physicist and has worked here at ORNL, has written an editorial for the Alabama Press-Register. His plight is becoming sadly familiar:

Mobile is poised for better economic times ahead. Unfortunately, this has put a spotlight on a public education system in serious need of improvement.

Sadly, Alabama's public education system is ranked close to the bottom among all the states. This is on top of an already distressing nationwide failure in providing science education on a par with other developed nations in the world.

If we want our children to have a shot in the globalized real world, we need to join forces to improve science education in our schools. If we are to do this, however, we should also recognize our own tendencies to inadvertently sabotage our science curricula.

His is a plea for the education bureaucracy to not give in to the desires to teach ID in science classes. More power to him!

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