Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Douglas Hayworth on Teaching Evolution in Sunday School

Douglas Hayworth has a guest post over at Steve Martin's site, An Evangelical Dialogue on Evolution. It is on teaching evolution in Sunday School. He writes:

The creation, garden, and flood narratives are certainly MORE THAN mere stories, but they are NOT less than that. Just as the four gospels cannot be understood properly (or the differences between them reconciled) unless each author's individual theological purpose (i.e., "story-telling purpose") is appreciated as the primary framework, so, too, the creation narratives cannot be understood without keeping in mind the story-telling context.

This is the same point that Conrad Hyers makes in his book The Meaning of Creation.

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  1. Hi Jim,
    Yes ... Hyers stuff is great. Wonder why he was ignored for so long?

    BTW, the post was by Douglas Hayworth, not Steven Hayworth. The post has it right but the post-title should be corrected.