Friday, June 13, 2008

Louisiana Coalition for Science: Reject SB733!

The Louisiana Coalition for Science has issued a press release decrying the new academic freedom bill and calling upon science school teachers to reject it. This quote sums it up:

Patsye Peebles, a veteran biology teacher from Baton Rouge and a founding member of the Louisiana Coalition for Science, agrees that the bill should be rejected. “I was a biology teacher for 22 years, and I never needed the legislature to tell me how to present anything. This bill doesn’t solve any of the problems classroom teachers face, and it will make it harder for us to keep the focus on accurate science in science classrooms. Evolution isn’t scientifically controversial, and we don’t need the legislature substituting its judgment for the scientists and science teachers who actually know the subject.”

This is what happens when non-scientists get involved with science education.

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