Monday, June 02, 2008

Things Heat Up in Texas

Trinity University has held a forum called “Religion, Science, and Evolution: The Pending Showdown in Texas Science Education." According to a story in, the web site for the San Antonio Express-News and KENS Channel 5:

“Never before has the drumbeat for some form of teaching intelligent design and its inclusion in science textbooks been louder,” moderator Eliza Sonneland said Tuesday.

The panel included Rabbi Barry Block; St. Mary's Hall science teacher Carol Brown; Ryan Valentine, deputy director of the Texas Freedom Network; and Dr. David Ribble, chairman of the Trinity University Biology Department.

The Texas Freedom Network, the Sol Center at University Presbyterian Church and the Biology and Education departments at Trinity University sponsored the event.

The panel gave its views about the Texas Education Agency reviewing and selecting a new science curriculum for textbooks by 2010 and the possibility that religious creationism could be included, voted on by members of the Texas State Board of Education who back intelligent design.

Lending weight to concerns is that the chairman of the board of education, Don McLeroy, has sided with creationism supporters in the past.

At the heart of the panel's explanations was one common theme: Science and religion should remain separate in school lessons.

The article also noted that fears about what happened in Kansas a few years ago is driving the fear in the science community. It should.

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