Monday, August 31, 2009

'Creationist Zoo' Being Criticized

Chris Dade of the Digital Journal reports that the 'creationist zoo', owned and operated by husband and wife team Anthony and Christina Bush, is being targeted by secular humanists:
Promoted as a place to visit by tourist organizations such as South West England and Visit Britain the zoo, which the Daily Mail reports attracts 120,000 visitors a year, has until now seemingly steered clear of any great controversy, although it has not escaped criticism altogether. The British Centre for Science Education has been one of its critics. But now the BHA [British Humanist Association] has contacted a number of tourist organizations, South West England and Visit Britain amongst them, to request that they stop promoting Noah's Ark on the basis that the zoo is "misleading" its visitors and "threatening public understanding". It further accuses the zoo's owners of trying to discredit scientific methods and facts that include carbon dating, the fossil record and the speed of light.
Well, yes, that is what it is, indeed, doing, just like AIG and the ICR here in the United States. The problem that I have is that this campaign sounds suspiciously like censorship. If you don't like what an organization is doing, come out with your own flyers and pamphlets and contact the tourist agencies to get them to promote your organizations. Demanding that other groups be shut out because they don't support your position strikes me as rather undemocratic. If their position isn't well supported, show why it isn't. It reminds me of the abortion debate. Whatever side of the controversy you are on, it should not be a question that is decided by the courts. It should be decided by the people.

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