Thursday, August 06, 2009

Richard Dawkins and Wendy Wright: Modern Creationism in a Nutshell

LGF points us to a series of videos where Richard Dawkins, biology professor and atheist extraordinaire interviews Wendy Wright, president of Concerned Women of America. It is a lesson in frustration when dealing with a person who has her mind made up and won't listen to anything counter to that. Here is the first one.

She uses all of the typical talking points
  • fossils mistakenly identified
  • evidence against evolution being suppressed
  • no transitional forms or evolution from one species to another
  • Darwin led to Hitler
Interestingly, Dawkins correctly points out that there is no controversy within the scientific community about whether or not evolution happens and then she accuses him of being closed-minded and unwilling to look at the controversy. Huh? When Dawkins asks her where she studied science, she complains that scientists think that they are the only ones that can speak on this issue, but that when the average person goes to the Smithsonian, they don't find evidence of evolution. She then says that it is "almost like a religion, in which only scientists are allowed to speak and teach" on evolution. It is pretty hard to take. At one point, Dawkins remarks that they have "a different conception of what evidence is." Yah you got that right. She doesn't listen to a word he actually says. It is like a creationist debate where it doesn't matter what you say, the other person continues to say what they were going to say anyway—as if on autopilot. Dawkins explains to her what the material evidence is and she then, to his face, states: "You are still lacking the material evidence." When he says, again, go to the museums and look at the material evidence, she berates him for trying to talk over her points. She simply refuses to listen. Completely daft.

Dawkins is admirably restrained. As Charles Johnson remarks, go to YouTube for the rest of the interviews. You will need to remove the breakables from the room, however.

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  1. I watched about 5 minutes and could not take any more!

  2. The vacuity is just astounding, isn't it?