Thursday, August 20, 2009

New CSC Video Said to Support Intelligent Design...But Doesn't

A press release from the Discovery Institute claims that a new video, based on Stephen Meyer's book Signature of the Cell, shows support for Intelligent Design. They write:
The original animation by Light Productions reveals in intricate detail how the digital information in DNA directs protein synthesis inside the cell, revealing a world of molecular machines and nano-processors communicating digital information.

“This video is going to make things worse for critics of intelligent design,” Dr. Meyer explains. “They will have more difficulty convincing the public that their eyes are deceiving them when the evidence for design literally unfolds before them in this animation.”
The video can be seen here. It does a good job of explaining replication, transcription and translation of the DNA but nothing more than that. As it is only three and a half minutes long, it does not try to tackle mutations. Nothing in the video is new and it is nothing that I do not teach in my Anthropology 110 course. Consequently, the title "New Video Shows DNA Evidence for Intelligent Design" is not just misleading, it is false. While the workings of the cell are, indeed, intricate and wondrous, just because they are does not give evidence to support ID. In fact, the only thing new here is that the animation is neat.

I have not read Stephen Meyer's book yet, but it is on my list. This is just another example of the DI promising more than they can deliver.

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