Monday, August 03, 2009

Email From the Discovery Institute

The DI wrote me back about Cornelius Hunter's email address. This is their response:
Good morning, Mr. Kidder!

Thank you for your email. Unfortunately, we do not disclose the contact information for our fellows, but I would be happy to forward any message or question you may have for him.

We appreciate your interest in Discovery Institute!

Kind regards,

Mollie Tschida

Mollie Tschida
Director of Events & Membership
Discovery Institute
208 Columbia Street
Seattle, Washington 98104
I find this response peculiar in the extreme. Why would a scientific institute not want to publicize its fellows' email addresses? At no academic institution that I am aware of do they not publish the faculty members' email addresses. In fact, if a researcher writes a scientific paper, the email address is always listed at the bottom. That way, anybody interested in the paper can contact the author. This forces me to ask the question of Dr. Hunter using a proxy. Fine. I'll do it.
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