Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Part of a Whole World View

News has come out of Nigeria of a Taliban-styled uprising that has left hundreds dead. AllAfrica has a report on several of the sect members that have been captured.They write:
He said that he believed the Nigerian "Taliban" group that engaged security forces in a bloody shoot out that left hundreds dead in Maiduguri town alone, fought for the reign of Islam "from here (Nigeria) to Spain".

He continued, "We hate Western education; it is a sin and we abhor it. It has polluted the world and if given a second chance I will continue to fight"
These groups truly want a return to Andalusia. The report continues:
So, the group had consciously modelled itself after the real Taliban, with many well-educated members, burning their certificates.

This brings to the fore one issue that many commentators have so far swept under the carpet; the fact that the group was really Islamic and not just a crazed sect, though it may rightly be said to hold crazy ideas aplenty.

One of such hard to understand idea is that Darwinism and the theory of evolution is anathema to the group. Why? Well, just as the group scorns the conventional idea of rainfall being caused by evaporation at the earth's surface and condensation as rain-bearing clouds, it opposes the teaching of Darwin's theory because it tends to remove the hand of God both in the making of rain each and every time and in the determination of every trait in the product of each and every human activity. Yet, while we may scoff at a terrible misunderstanding of a tested and proven law of Geography as the cause of rainfall, it would be foolhardy not to take seriously the group's antagonism to the Nigerian Constitution because they desire the Sharia system.
The group is apparently well-funded from outside, which is grim reminder that they do not exist in isolation but are part of a well-networked jihadist movement that demands a return to the eleventh century. Scary.

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