Saturday, August 01, 2009

Dr. Cornelius Hunter

I have written the Discovery Institute to see if they have an address for Dr. Hunter. My experience so far is that they don't return emails. I hope this is different.

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  1. Anonymous7:02 AM

    Even if you manage to make contact with him, what exactly do you expect to achieve?
    He has another post on genomic similarities -

  2. I want to know what his background is in the fields that would qualify him to reject evolution since I am not convinced that computational biology alone will give him the necessary insights. More than anything, though. I wish to set up some kind of dialogue with him to see why he thinks the way he does.

  3. P.S. the link doesn't work. Do you have another one?

  4. Found it. Same link. Wonder why it didn't load. I will give it a read.

  5. I just read the post at the link. He backs up his statements that seem to contadict evolution with...nothing. He has no counter examples. Furthermore, he seems to write as one who is unfamiliar with the fossil record, which largely corroborates the genetic data. If you think that all that is being used is the genetic data, it would look circular. If you add in the fossils and biogeographical data, it is not.

  6. Bio61310:47 PM

    I think you may find Mr. dr. Hunter listed as a faculty member at BIOLA University.

    The trouble with Hunter is that he sees EVERYTHING through the 'lens of Religion.' For him, even the absence of a reference to Religion is Religion. I know, it seems twisted but remember, Cornelious Hunter is committed to the 'lens of Religion.' Science is a problem for him. Since Science doesn't use Religion to figure out answers, he makes up the idea that not using Religion constitutes a Religious basis.

    I have dealt with Mr. dr. Hunter and he relies heavily on showing the 'badge' of his Ph.D. He told the group of teachers I'm associated with that he works on Protein Structure, trouble is his work seems to be hidden away. Any 'work' that is published is not in Science, it's in the field of Christian Apologetics.

    As to his participation in the courses you're interested in, I would suppose that he has none.
    If you read his books (I have) it is exceedingly clear that Mr. dr. Hunter is a Creationist.

    I'm pretty sure you'll log 'wasted time' trying to contact him, even more-so if it results in some dialogue.

  7. Bio613, thanks for the update and information. Perhaps you are right. Still, I am curious as to what kind of response that I would get. I will not, as they say, "knock myself out."

  8. Nope. Gone. Dr. Hunter is no longer at Biola, according to the faculty page. Maybe he at the CSC full-time.